10 Cold Calling Scripts That Work for Financial Advisors

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Using a cold-calling script can be a great way to build on your cold-calling skills. Whether you use the script or not, I recommend having some thoughts, rebuttals or questions in front of you on paper as a safety net in case you get stuck. Remember, cold-calling scripts should be used cautiously as prospects can easily detect if your words sound scripted. 

How To Use Cold-Calling Scripts

When using a script, the primary should be to use it as a guide and to get so good, that you have it memorized in your words, with rebuttals, transition lines and anything that comes at you.

You want to be a Cold-Calling-Samurai, and when you make enough calls, you will be!

There comes the point where you will build an invisible shield, and no objection or rejection will faze you. You get into a ZEN, and you can anticipate what the person on the other line will say before they even say it.

When you use those skills and use them wisely, you become dangerous.

The following material is a starting point to help you get there! I encourage you to add your personal touch to it. I’ve also included my favorite rebuttals, transition lines, and some notes on what NOT to say. Enjoy!

5 Important Rules for Cold-Calling

1) Identify your name, and title immediately.
2) Check your firms ‘do not call registry' to make sure it’s ok to call.

3) Call homes between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. in your time zone.

4) Make sure you are not calling your colleagues clients’.

5) Check your firm’s guidelines. 

5 Must Do's for Any Cold-Call

1) Connect: Identify yourself and the reason you're calling. If you can make a connection, like a mutual business contact or association you both belong to, you've already increased your chances for a successful call.

2) Recognize: Say something nice about the prospect. Let them know you had taken time before you called them, and you admire their accomplishments.

3) Value: What's in it for them? Why should they meet with you? Provide a value proposition and position yourself as the expert in their field.

4) Listen: This is arguably the most important step. YOU MUST seek to understand their problem by asking thought-provoking, open-ended question and rephrasing any question/concern they have to demonstrate full comprehension.
5) Commitment: A call is not successful until the prospect has committed to a meeting with you. Follow-ups are not commitments.


10 Cold Calling Scripts That Work For Financial Advisors

Business Owner

Mr./Mrs. Business Owner, Hi this is __________ calling from __________. The reason for my call is as a successful business owner; I know you are always trying to improve your bottom line, and I specialize in helping business owners increase profits. Now as a successful business owner I’m sure you’d agree that your most valuable commodity is time and I’m not here to waste it. I am confident, if you allow me the opportunity, I can show you how to add to your bottom line. I’ll be in your area next Tuesday and Thursday, would you be available for a brief introductory meeting either of those days?

Mr./Mrs. Business Owner my name is __________ and I am a Financial Advisor with __________. The reason for my call is that I have a built my book of business working with successful business owners like you. I have committed to developing a high level of expertise in identifying and solving financial issues that most business owners face. I know you're an industry leader, and I'd like to congratulate you on all your accomplishments. I know you’re extremely busy, but I believe we have a lot in common, and I would appreciate having the opportunity to meet with you, learn more about what you do, share my background with you, and see if there is any reason we should work together. I have some time next Tuesday, would you be open for a brief introductory meeting?


Mr./Mrs. Executive, thanks for taking my call my name is __________ form __________ and the reason for my call is that I specialize in working with successful and highly compensated executives like you. I understand the complexity in your deferred compensation, stock options, and retirement plans. Now as a successful individual, I’m sure that your already working with someone but if you would be willing to give me the opportunity I know I could provide you with some valuable information to maximize your benefits and minimize your taxes. I was planning on being in your area next week Thursday, would you be available for a 15-minute introduction?


Dr. __________ my name is __________ calling from __________. Through my involvement in the medical community, it has become clear to me that you are very successful in your field – congratulations on all your accomplishments. I know you’re extremely busy, so I’ll be brief. The reason for my call is that I specialize in working with successful physicians helping them minimize their tax implications and preserve their wealth within the framework of a comprehensive wealth management plan. We do this by leveraging the global resources of {firm name}. I’d like the opportunity to briefly meet with you and share some information on how we work with other physicians. Can I call your scheduler to set up a 5-10 minute brief introduction?

Past Contact

Mr./Mrs. Past Contact this is __________ how are you doing? Good, I came across your name, and it’s been a while since we last connected, so I just wanted to opportunity to reconnect with you. You know, I’ve always respected you professionally and personally. I am actually currently with __________ I’ve been here since __________. What you say we grab a cup of coffee next week I’d love to catch up.

Local Business

Mr. Local Business my name is __________ and I work for __________ right here in __________. You have a reputation of being a successful business owner/professional/individual in the area I would like to meet with you and get your opinion on how I should best approach our community. In return, I’ll be happy to provide you with all our firm’s resources if that's something of interest to you. Would you be available next week for 10-15 minutes, I’ll be happy to drop by your office – I’ll bring some donuts!

Association member

Mr./Mrs. Same Association Member this is __________ from __________. I was looking at the directory and came across your name I don’t believe we’ve met! I’d love the opportunity to connect with you and learn more about what you do. Do you have some time next week on Wednesday?

Center of Influence (CPA, Estate Attorney, Mortgage Banker, Insurance Agent)

Hello, Mr./Mrs. Center of Influence my name is __________, I’m a Financial Advisor with __________. The reason for my call is I’m looking to build a relationship with a local (CPA, Estate Attorney, Mortgage Banker, Insurance Agent) and I came across your name and thought I’d give you a call. Would you be available sometime next week I’d love the opportunity to get to know one another and learn more about what it is you do?


Mr./Mrs. it’s __________ from __________ how are you doing? Great, nothing to be concerned about actually the reason for my call is I decided to take on a few additional clients, and you came to mind as someone I highly respect both professionally and personally. Would you be able to introduce me to maybe one or two individuals who you think may benefit from what we do?


Mr./Mrs. LinkedIn Connection this is __________ calling from __________ thanks for taking my call. The reason for my call is I came across your name on LinkedIn and noticed that we connected recently/a while back but never had the opportunity to be introduced. I was wondering if you would be open to meeting over a cup of coffee next week and maybe we can learn a little more about our business? What do you say?

What NOT to Say

Phrase: How are you?

Why not: If it's someone you don't know I say scrap it. The only thing your prospect is thinking is, why is this person calling me and what is it in regards to? So just get to the point.

Phrase: Did I catch you at a good time?

Why not: It’s never the right time for your prospect.

Phrase: You were on my list to call.

Why not: You are not making the prospect feel important.

Phrase: Hi Sir or Ma’am.

Why not: It’s impersonal, know whom you’re calling!

Phrase: Bob Smith is one of my client’s he told me I could call you.
Why not: Shows that you don’t value client confidentiality.

The Close - Cold-Calling Transition Statements

Stop by the office and see what we do, and how we run our practice!

If you are ever interested in chatting with us and see what we do, I would be delighted to have a cup of coffee with you.

You know we’ve worked together for three years on the charitable end. I was wondering if you would take 15 minutes next week and let me show you what I do professionally and we can see if there’s any reason we should work together.

I provide my best clients with e-mail notification from time to time with our best ideas and thoughts on the market. Would you like me to include you the next time we have some valuable information?

I am serious about growing my business in our community, and working with like-minded individuals like yourself, so if you ever consider a change or just want to learn more about our team, I would be happy to spend a few minutes sharing how we help our clients.

I respect your relationship and loyalty. In the future, if you ever consider a second opinion I would be happy to provide you with one.

You know, based on our brief conversation I know there are some things you could be doing that would ease your mind, better protect your assets and give you a better idea as to your long-term process.

I would appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself to you so that if you are ever in the market, you know about us!

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