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productivity for financial advisors

During my journey as an FA, I tried and tested several different scripts, templates, and basically anything that would help me stay motivated and focused on building my business. Our clients make millisecond decisions over the phone and one word can truly change the outcome of your call. 

As a result, I’ve put together my best scripts, templates, questions and other useful resources to help you in your journey!

There is no obligation to sign up, exchange email or anything of that nature these are for you as a thank you for visiting my site. However, FA HUB is all about helping and empowering each other to succeed, so if you have something that’s working for you please share it with me by contacting me through the contact page here!

Staying sharp, focused and on top of your game requires a lot of attention to detail, precision, and execution. Here are some tools that will help you.


I love Grammarly, mostly because it has saved my butt so many times. I pay for the pro version because I write a lot and it makes sense for me however they have a free version as well. They make the number one spot on my list because they take my writing to the next level.


Evernote is my digital brain. I keep everything from personal notes, quotes, business ideas, to podcast episodes I like, business articles I find on the web, random pictures – you name it Evernote can capture it. What’s more, they have a really cool web clipper extension on chrome that makes it easy to save stuff as your surfing the net. Best of all, they are synchronized with so many other softwares that it makes it easy to export your files. I recommend starting with a free version. #notes


Coggle is a mindmapping tool. Before you embark on your idea or project, I highly recommend you use Coggle’s intuitive mind mapping platform to brainstorm and identify your strategy.


Trello is a project management tool. I really like trello because with all my projects I can keep track of what i’m working on and at what phase i’m in with each project. Trello is collaborative, so you can invite team members and delegate authority to contribute and move things as they get done. It’s very intuitive and easy to use.


KW finder is one of my favorite tools to use. I am always interested in seeing what people are searching for and the trending topics. KW finder is useful because if you are looking to rank on the first page of google KW finder will help you recognize the keywords you should be incorporating in your website along with the level of competition in your niche. For instance, if i am a Financial Advisor and I want to see how many people are searching the phrase “Financial planner near me” in a specific region like Detroit, Michigan KW finder can tell me the monthly search volume and also give me the search engine results page known as (SERP) to help me identify who in fact are the financial planners to rank on the first page of google for that term in that region. Talk about important DATA!


Slack is a very cool and easy to use application which allows you and your team members to virtually collaborate in a private room. You can share files, and even facetime or take a voice call. It’s like skype, google hangouts, and email in one. #team #collaboration

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